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9 December / 2020
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16 August / 2013
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There is absolutely no doubt that we, as a society, are busier and more stressed than ever. Technology, often our friend, becomes our foe when we can’t shut down or turn off, even overnight. We have our daily routines, kids have their routines, and we are all bombarded by an overload of information and hundreds of tweets per minute. Yet, with work, school, activities, responsibilities, we often forget about the importance of community – that sense of belonging to some place, some where.

My husband and I do not have children. We sat down years…

11 March / 2013
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I’m a bona fide wine enthusiast. I love my wines both red and white, from anywhere in the world. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about the grape varietals that make up the diverse spectrum of consumption choices.

I started to ponder what lessons the world of wine can deliver to both established and emerging brands. What struck me, when looking at my unglamorous wine rack, was the diversity of the bottles themselves and the communication that helps to facilitate the consideration and purchase of a specific bottle. Unless you’ve spent time learning the different regions…

25 February / 2013
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The fashion industry’s biggest night coincides with Hollywood’s biggest night – the Oscars. The evening is a showcase of the latest runway fashions, trends and attitudes coming to stores near you.

Oscar night and its honored celebrities have always had the ability to influence fashion. An A-list actress, with the right gown, can make an overnight sensation of themselves and their gown designers. Celebrity and designer collaborations have shaped fashion attitudes throughout the ages, the first notable collaboration was Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy. Ms. Hepburn wore a classically chic Givenchy gown when she…

5 February / 2013
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The Super Bowl ad hype is now settling down in the news media and Go Daddy actor Jesse Heiman is experiencing his 15 minutes of fame.

USA Today’s Ad Meter – – in its 25th year, allowed consumers to join their panel and rank the ads for the first time. While we don’t believe this impacted the result of the top rated spots, (from a branding perspective, they were “spot-on”), we do think the overall clutter, noise and pop candy of the other ads ultimately…

31 January / 2013
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When it comes to branding and advertising, VBA loves SuperBowl Sunday. It’s that one time of year when the ad industry and advertisers are in the spotlight, sometimes more than the game itself. SuperBowl Sunday is projecting a record number of viewers, more than 179 million people, according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association and their January 24, 2013 survey report. With this record number of viewers and record-level commercial air-time costs (not including the agency production costs), is SuperBowl advertising really worth it?

Every year there is a rotation of advertisers – some…

14 January / 2013
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The biggest night in advertising is the SuperBowl. What makes this night so special? The ad industry and media have declared that there is no better night for brand and product creative. These advertisements tend to get more attention than the actual game and escape TiVo and DVR removal.

Media coverage starts with the price of the ad time and each year it is at an all time high. 2013’s :30 spots will go for $3.8 million, according to industry sources and CBS.

Then creative begins to leak out on the net – Mercedes-Benz and Go…