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Virtual Brand Advisors eliminates the traditional agency complexity and overhead.

Contemporary Marketing Communications, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Public Relations

The modern agency model of Virtual Brand Advisors.

Virtual Brand Advisors is a contemporary brand and marketing communications firm proudly founded near Cleveland, Ohio. VBA refines the traditional marketing, advertising and public relations agency model and modernizes it, with a virtual business structure that eliminates the complex process, barriers, geographic boundaries and overhead associated with the traditional agency structure. VBA specializes in matching the optimal team of agency thinkers and doers to your most important marketing initiatives. Delivering results at an accelerated pace, Virtual Brand Advisors offers greater efficiency and value for your brand and marketing investment.

Agency complexity, costs money, inefficient use of marketing dollars.

The traditional agency model. Numerous steps and cumbersome process.

The traditional agency approach.  

The traditional agency process involves numerous steps and multiple staff members that will juggle your initiative from start to finish. You must work with the level of talent the agency has assigned to your initiative. You are restricted to the limited group of staff members housed within the four walls of a traditional agency; ultimately leading to surprise situations where you find yourself paying for work from a junior staffer or paying too much for an over-engineered basic need.

A better way.

Virtual Brand Advisors eliminates the bricks and mortar agency situations that compromise service, budget surprises and complexity. Founder and principal brand advisor Julie Krebs has spent her nearly 20-year career in the agency business, learning its strengths and weaknesses while supporting client brands. After years of navigating the traditional agency process for her clients, she recognized there was a better way.

Julie turned the agency model upside down, eliminating unnecessary process and providing access to senior-level talent, from some of the biggest local, regional and national agencies. More than 25 professionals make-up the VBA team, and consist of brand managers, brand strategists, public relations practitioners, content specialists, designers, SEO experts, website and mobile planners, web programmers and more. These professionals have big brand expertise and Fortune 500 and 1000 experience. Our team of brand advisors are vetted and trusted professionals.

Experience and efficiency equals think-time. More impactful marketing touchpoints and a greater engagement with your brand is the result of experience. Experience makes the VBA team effective, allowing for more time to think about your brand objectives and initiatives. The result? More relevant marketing communications.

The Benefits.

Your Time. Your time is valuable. Poor service, repeating directives and lack of relevant, thoughtful counsel distracts you from other important duties that require your attention – both personal and professional. Virtual Brand Advisors’ experienced team understands this aspect of your position and they are proactive in making sure the details of each project are well defined and prepared.

Your Budget. Budgets are continually under pressure and every dollar counts. Don’t over-pay for lackluster quality and inadequate service. Maximize your ROI and reach more customers with your marketing dollars by accessing the right professional talent without the costly overhead applied by most traditional agencies.

Your Reputation. The collective experiences and competency of the Virtual Brand Advisors’ team, focused on your brand and your business, means initiatives are implemented at a higher level of quality and speed. Detailed, thoughtful planning empowers you to address your team with greater enthusiasm and confidence. Together, we establish KPIs that are relevant for your initiative and ROI.

Rethink traditional and activate your brand with Virtual Brand Advisors.

Whether you seek to develop your brand, re-define it or simply implement your current marketing strategy, let Virtual Brand Advisors help you where you need them most. Experience the value and efficiency of an optimal team of advisors matched to your most important marketing initiatives. Contact Virtual Brand Advisors today.